Struise Brouwers

 The Struise Brouwers brewery was born in 2001 in Oostvleteren, and quickly gained a strong reputation beyond Belgium's borders, especially in the US, where in 2008 Ratebeer voted it one of the most interesting breweries in the world.

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Here at Lambicus we love lambic or spontaneous fermentation beers. It's where we got our name from. That's why we love to talk about them and help people get to know more about them. They're not easy beers at first, but in time you grow to appreciate them and love them, both for their complex aroma and flavour as well as for their preparation, which transports us back to the origins of beer.

That's why we've started a short series dedicated to lambics, and we'll be talking about Brasserie Cantillon, an undisputed icon in the lambic world.

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