Here at Lambicus we love lambic or spontaneous fermentation beers. It's where we got our name from. That's why we love to talk about them and help people get to know more about them. They're not easy beers at first, but in time you grow to appreciate them and love them, both for their complex aroma and flavour as well as for their preparation, which transports us back to the origins of beer.

That's why we've started a short series dedicated to lambics, and we'll be talking about Brasserie Cantillon, an undisputed icon in the lambic world.

Dedicated to beer production since the 18th Century, Brasserie Cantillon began in Lemeek, and since 1900 they have brewed their beers in Brussels, specifically at Rue Gheude, 56.

Located in a narrow street with an exterior that looks more like a garage, this small brewery has become a true living museum. You'll find them open year round, although their beer production run is limited from mid-October to late May.

The products created by this family business are varied, but they are all complex and well worth tasting.
Among the classics there's Rosé de Gambrinus, dry and highly aromatic and made with 75% raspberries, 25% cherries and a touch of vanilla.

Other products you'll find at Lambicus from this brewery are:
Cantillon Gueuze, full-bodied, smooth, acidic with an aroma of natural cider.
Kriek Cantillon, with its intense fruity flavour and pronounced aroma of cherries.
Bruocsella 1900 Grand Cru, powerful, refined and with an aroma reminiscent of sherry.
Iris, a beer which balances acidity and bitterness, with a subtle taste of bitter caramel from the malt, and fruitiness from the hops.