Chapter 1: Orval cries Mary (SOUND & BEERS)

"The wind cries Mary" was the third single of Jimi Hendrix's career - considered by many the finest guitarist that ever lived.
The Orval is a unique and distinctive beer - considered by many the finest in the world.

As you can see there are some similarities, but what do this mysterious song and a beer from the Golden Valley have in common?
Well, plenty of things in my particular view, and especially after having enjoyed a few before writing these words.
The Wind Cries Mary is dedicated to a blonde ex-girlfriend (Kathy Mary Etchingham). After a bitter argument, "K. Mary" walked out for several days to stay at a friend's house. When she came home to talk to Jimi, he showed her the song and they made peace.

The same thing will happen to you when you try an Orval for the first time - the first sip might seem bitter, dense and strong, but you're already lost... The colour midway between blonde and orange, the thick foam, the sharp bitterness combined with the sweetness... they enter your mind like the magical notes of the guitar solo on "The Wind Cries Mary".

- Joan Queralt

You can listen to this song on our Spotify playlist: SOUNDS & BEERS


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